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Chasing Trains - Big and Little






’Twas the time before Christmas and folks on the rails

Were crowding the aisles…and clipping their nails.

They were sitting in stairwells, and propping wet boots

On overhead railings…(uncaring galoots!)

Conductors were thwacking their punches on walls,

Waking the dozers with noise that appalls.

A lawyer was spreading his briefs on three seats,

A Walkman was clicking non-musical treats.

Three women gaggled, two gentlemen brayed,

A self-centered person said his/her nerves were quite frayed.

A typical rush hour retreat from the city;

(“Those wet boots are dripping, my hair’s getting gritty!”)

But we’ll be home quickly, they all know that’s true,

Commuting’s a bother – but they do get you through.

The on-time performance is okay, I guess;

And this sure beats driving – the highway’s a mess.

But the express train is slowing! We shouldn’t stop here!

“What’s wrong on the railroad?” they queried in fear.

They all checked their watches. “We’ll be two minutes late.”

“I’m very important! Don’t stop! I can’t wait!”

The loudspeaker crackled, all ears went a-twitch.

The engineer spoke, his voice catching a hitch.

“Forgive the delay, folks,” (He sounded uptight).

“There’s something out there that just isn’t right.”

“There’s a man on the tracks in my headlight ahead,”

“He’s got a big belly, and his suit is all red.”

On the railroad, of course, all-red means you stop.

The express did just that. The schedule was shot.

“We’re close to him now,” word crackled on back.

“He’s waving his arms, he’s lugging a sack.”

“And blocking Track One is a bell-bedecked sleigh,

We’ll just have to stop – we regret the delay.”

The passengers grumbled. This must be a stunt.

“It’s those newsletter people!” said one with a grunt.

I know what they’ve done,” said another, in rage.

“They just had to  ll this @%#&@$ last page!”


From http://metrarail.com/content/dam/metra/documents/Bi_Level/OTBLDec09web1..pdf