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Chasing Trains - Big and Little

The June issue of TRAINS magazine has two items of interest!

The first is a major article regarding the work of David Kloke to build a full size replica of the private passenger car United States which was the civil war equal to today's Air Force One. 
The car ran on four,4 wheel trucks and is a prime example of the coach builder's art.
The cay's first assignment was to carry the body of President Abraham Lincoln from Washington via a round about route to Springfield Ill. 
The reproduction will be displayed in several US cities over the next few years. Hopefully Pittsburgh will be on the route.
Trains also reports that on March 31st Norfolk & Western 4-8-4-# 611 has completed a major overhaul and is back in steam for future fan trip operations. 611 is streamlined and represents one of the best examples on modern steam power.