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Pittsburgh Garden Railway Society
Sunday, May 21, 2023 3-5

Dan Cinowalt and Lori Rehtorik hosted this month's picnic/meeting. Chicken, baked beans, potato salad and a bunch of
wonderful sides were served. It was such a beautiful day! Dan ran his trains and entertainment was provided by a local
group of wild turkeys.

12 members were in attendance,
Keith won 50/50 drawing.

Sandy Pyle sent us a thank you note for the donation to the VFW Greensburg for our donation in honor of Jack.

The Trolley Museum PGRS setup is Friday, June 2nd at 10 am. To see the schedule please see attached site:.

The PGRS layout breakdown is Sunday 6/5 at 5:00. Thank you John and Tina for designing the layout.

All embroidered items must be submitted to Keith or Tina by 7/22 - no items will be accepted after 7/22.

Cass Durbin RR is now open and the PGRS may want to schedule a trip this summer.

If our club again visits the Frostburg Flier or Potomac Eagle, there may a chance to see the HO display at the Allegany
County Fairgrounds.

The Brownsville Monongahela River, Railroad and Transportation Museum is now open the first Saturday of each month.
Volunteers are needed to operate the PGRS display at the museum.

Dan Cinowalt spoke about Ohio Millcreek National Convention for 1/8 scale model trains August 1-5. There is a $10 fee
per person:

Respectfully Submitted,
Dan Cinowalt
Lori Rehtorik