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Chasing Trains - Big and Little

  Chasing Trains                                     February 2015
For many of us the new year brings memories of past years and holiday seasons.
This year my hobby interest memories were aided by a magazine article , in this case from Western Pa. History, Winter 2014-2015 issue. This magazine is the publication of the Heinz History Center.
The article , by Paul Roth and Pat Finkel is titled "When Commuters Took The Train"
Turn the clock back to the years before, during, and after World War II when the major railroads in Pittsburgh operated commuter service on lines running parallel to our three rivers. In 1924 there were 400 local and through passenger trains into and out of Pittsburgh. By 1964 this had dropped to about 100. Today there are 4.Amtrak trains operating to or from our city.
In my case the railroad was the Pennsy riding from Edgewood or Wilkinsburg on local trains and to Johnstown, Paoli and
Philadelphia from East Liberty on long distance trains.
Some recollections:
Riding the local with my Mother and Grandfather Thanksgiving weekend in 1940 to see Santa and wondering why the station and Liberty Ave. were encased in a cloud of smoke.
riding the war emergency coaches on the locals. These were 50' boxcars fitted with wood seats , portholes, and oil lamps.
_ Enroute from East Liberty to Johnstown standing all the way in the isle.
-.Military Police riding the trains checking orders and looking for AWOLS
-Making two stops at various stations because the train was longer than the platform.
More on this next time.