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Dave Bodnar

Looking for Feedback / Suggestions

I have been posting articles & videos in this space for some time and would like to get some suggestions for topics that I might cover here.

Please send an email for dave@davebodnar.com if you have any suggestions or comments

thank you!


Tip of the month

Three Channel Wireless Throttle

with Joystick

Many layouts in many scales do not use DCC or wireless control.  They operate from a track-side power pack or transformer that controls a single train on a single loop of track with only a throttle control (to set speed) and a switch to determine forward or reverse motion.

This project is designed to give those operators a simple wireless throttle that will control those non-DCC locomotives & trolleys.

The throttle will control up to three trains on three loops.  Each receiver can be set to receive commands for station 1, station 2 or station 3.



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