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Pittsburgh Garden Railway Society

Meeting Minutes

April 18, 2015


The regular meeting of the PGRS was called to order @ Monongahela River, Rail & Transportation Museum, Brownsville, Pa. by Pres. Keith Baggus.


Keith Baggus, Barrie Baker, Dave & Lois Bodnar, Ed & Ann Celento, Bill Fallecker, Don, & Debra Goodwin, Gene & Caryll Linck, Ken & Laurie Maglietta, Bill & Claudette Malick, Bill Patterson, Alycefaye Stewart, Bruce & Reggie Watkins, John & Tina Weimer, John & Sondra Wiggins.

Approval of Minutes

Minutes from March 14, 2015 meeting were not read; they are as follows:

No meeting was held. Members and guests met in the lobby of the Carnegie Science Center on Saturday, March 14, 2015. Keith Baggus got the group rate for 19 going into the Center and two did not pay because they were members. Tina Weimer received some orders for the new badges. Please remember if you want to order a badge send the form and check to Tina Weimer. Present at the event-Keith Baggus, Alex Binder, Ann Celento, Don & Debra Goodwin, Al & Shirley Hartman, Frank & Jackie Magri, Bill & Claudette Malick(plus their guests), Bruce & Reggie Watkins, John & Tina Weimer, John & Sondra Wiggins. Everyone was impressed with the railroad exhibit and members visited other parts of the Center, as well. The group was graciously invited back to Bruce and Reggie Watkins home not far from the Science Center.

Minutes submitted by; Club treasurer; Tina Weimer in the absence of Alycefaye Stewart

President’s Report

Information was presented about; how shirts can be ordered. Contact Keith for details

The next exhibit will be at the May Mart in Franklin, Pa. on May 2, 3, 2015, hosted by Bill & Jill Fallecker, 1234 Elk Street, Franklin, Pa.16323. A train layout will be set up.

Next is the Beallsville Masonic Lodge Train Show, 2907 Main St, Beallsville, Pa. 15313, on May 16, 17 hosted by Don and Debra Goodwin, 1327 Daniels Run Road, Scenery Hill, Pa. A train layout will be set up on Friday the 15th.

Modules in G- scale construction were discussed. Each member might build their own and bring to a set up. Might consider in future.



Treasurer’s Report

Tina Weimer reported that we have 44 member units and 74 members. Dues, checking and C.D. information may be obtained on our web site with your pass word. A register report for the clubs future was suggested and the officers received information to consider before presenting further ideas to the club.

Don Goodwin was asked about the trailer and money needed for a spare tire. A motion was made by Bruce Watkins that $250.00 be set aside for a tire and rim, Don Goodwin seconded the motion. New locks were also requested for the trailer. All motions passed.

A 50 /50 of $102.00 was won by Ken Maglietta. He donated his winnings back to the Club.

Open Issues

New badges were handed out to all who were at the meeting. 9 more badges were ordered. It is not too late to place your order with Tina Weimer.

12 Vests have been bought by members. Alycefaye is to see about getting them embroidered.

Bruce Watkins presented information on the Big Train Operator Club (formerly the LGBMRRC).He gave out applications and also flyers for the Convention-June 23-27, 2015 in North Conway NH. Next year’s Convention will be in La Port, IN June 21-25.

Bill Malik shared a gadget he installed on the end of a coal car. Once Cabooses were no longer used, a signal was placed on the last car. He found a signal @ Mikes Train House for around $20.00 and wired it to a battery hid inside the car. Scale is just right. Ask him for details

Keith Baggus opened the floor to our Host, Ernie Bradmon, president of the Monongahela River, Rail & Transportation Museum who welcomed us and introduced his fellow volunteers and the Mayor of Brownsville, Lester Ward. An interesting presentation was given by Mr. Bradmon and Mayor Ward. Refreshments were provided and our group had plenty of time to view the Museum and ask questions of the staff.

Scott Nickenbaugher (sp?) presented information about the National Pike, Steam, Gas & Horse Association 35th Annual Show in Brownsville. The spring show is May 16, 17, 2015 and the Main show is August 7-9, 2015. www.nationalpike.com (for more information). We have been asked to set up in the basement of the Museum. Plans were not finalized at this time.



Meeting was adjourned by Keith Baggus, over 20 members then traveled to Hugo’s restaurant just west of Brownsville on Rt. 40 for lunch. Everyone had great food and the pies were sky high. Good food…Great prices. We all walked out into the beautiful sunny spring day with full stomachs and happy hearts.

Minutes submitted by; Club secretary; Alycefaye Stewart