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Dave Bodnar


The image below is for a G-Scale modular layout that Alex Binder has been working on. 

He presented more information about it at our meeting on April 9, 2016

The Exterior Hi-Rail Module Layout is a modular train layout intended for exhibiting both "O" and "G" gauge model trains outdoors. Each module is approximately the size of a banquet table and when assembled completes a system of bidirectional or "mainline" running. Individual modules track can be customized in any number of configurations to suit the club or hobbyists needs. Overall size of each layout ranges from 5'-0" x 2'-10" to over 20'-0" x 60'-0". Materials used in construction of the modules enable them to operate in all weather conditions. Each module is designed to accommodate a live load in excess of the heaviest locomotives and rolling stock available. The track is dual gauge and can be used by both live steam and traditional track power users. All materials and labor are sourced from within the United States of America.