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Minutes for PGRS on March 21, 2018

Saint Matthias Church

The meeting was opened by Tina Weimer, treasurer. She introduced Dave Bodnar as are first of three speakers.

Dave Bodnar spoke and demonstrated how to build a “MacGyver” Power controller for your train layout. He showed us that all you needed were four things: 1 - A power supply; 2 - A rheostat; 3 - A double pole double throw switch; and 4 - A box to put it in. Detailed information is in the April PGRS News Letter under “Tech Tips”. All the parts needed are easy to get or you already have them around your home. A great show and tell Dave!!!

John Weimer was our next speaker. Having set up his display beforehand, the group was eager to see what is involved in bending “G” gauge track (or any other track). John explained the values of Brass, Aluminum, Stainless Steel and the one John likes BEST…Nickel Plated Brass. He showed step by step how to do it with a track bender and handed out printed information as he went along. Only a few minutes into the demonstration many of the members were out of their seats and standing around to get a better look and offer a helping hand. They were really into seeing how this worked. John offered his bender to club members with the understanding if you break it you replace it!!! I can see were many layouts will be redesigned this summer with the use of this tool. Thanks ever so much John.

Keith Baggus was up next. He talked about his trip north from Florida. Keith stopped at many interesting historic places where trains contributed to our history. Ask him for his Itinerary. He stopped in Savannah, Georgia at the Georgia State R.R. Museum and in Roanoke, Virginia at the Roanoke, Virginia Transportation Museum.  Well worth the time to see. Look at his pictures on the web site.

Bruce Watkins told us about the great things that are happening with the Wilkinsburg Community Development Corporation and how they are revitalizing the town. They have in the works the Train Station Revitalization that is to start in the fall. All funds are secured and the building will look better than it has in years, maybe even better than when new. He asked us to participate in their upcoming event called “Wilkinsburg 2 Way Street Festival”. It is to be held on May 19th from 1pm-5pm. We will be located in the Lohr Building @ 725 Wood Street. There is electricity but no other utilities in the building. We will be in the corner of the building with windows along both sides. No Venders will be outside our location on the street to block the view of our layout. Keith Baggus, Bill Patterson, Tina & John Weimer, Carol & Bob Gettemy, Lois Rehtorik, Dan Cinowalt, Lois & Dave Bodnar have volunteered to be there for the set up in the building at 10 AM. If you are going to help, don’t forget your chair and something to drink. Maybe next year we will be in the NEW train station.

The Club decided that we should do a small layout for the Wilkinsburg event and not take down our large layout in Brownsville. John and Tina Weimer were asked to buy one or more rugs to match what we already have (Motion given by Alycefaye and seconded by Bruce). Jack and Sandy Pyle had brought to the meeting many of Jack’s buildings from his former layout for the club. It was decided to use these buildings along with track lent by Ken Maglietta, Keith Baggus’ western buildings and a few adobe buildings from Alycefaye. The controller will come from Dave Bodnar’s presentation today. We will meet at Brownsville the week before to firm up plans. DON’T FORGET….Open House @ Brownsville is May 12 “Fayette Train Days” from 10am – 4pm. Help is needed to run the trains…..remember this is your club…


Minutes submitted by Alycefaye Stewart