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May PGRS Meeting

PGRS meeting notes - Sat. April 31, 2011
I arrived at the home of Amy & Hugh Toner about Noon, ready for the meeting with notes, camera and plants to swap. Signs were hung and my train flag was posted.  By 1:05 when nobody had arrived yet I became nervous.  Then at 1:10 Keith Baggus & Ann Celento arrived.  Followed by Hartmans, Lois Bodnar & Trudels. Next came Lee & Gina Brandes & Paul & Alycefaye Stewart then the Mangolds.


We had our business meeting first starting about 1:30.  We talked about the next two meetings and times.  Our hostess served Buffalo chicken, spinach & French onion dip with various crackers and vegetables.  Pop and beer was available to drink.  John Vogt & Scott Mayor arrived just in time for the talk. 

Finally the Speaker, Dave Buresch, showed up at 2:15.  He said Lowes had a power failure, that's why he was late. 

He spoke for an hour on all kinds of plants and handed out various literature. At the end of his speech he gave plants away.  Ann Celento was first she picked an orchid, followed by Paul Stewart, Lee Brandes, Rich Trudel & I forget #5.  Amy Toner got the hostess plant a Caladium.  Dave gave me a nice book "Glorious Gardens".  The 50/50 was won by Hugh Toner.  He donated the $10.00 he won back to the club.  Dave then had a Q/A session.  All that brought a plant was able to take a plant in our Plant Swap. 

The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 pm. with many comments of GOOD MEETING!


The next meeting will be at Al & Shirley Hartman's in Baden. Next Saturday May 14. 2:00 - 5:00 We are helping him redo his railroad. Shirley will serve food when we are done. "Work for Food", Ok!