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Hi, everybody, Jill Fallecker here.  Cub reporters don’t always get a second chance to write feature articles but in this organization, there isn’t much competition for the Roving Reporter’s job so I am at it again.  This time I want to tell you about the June meeting of the PGRS at Chuck and Dee Christ’s home.


It seemed like a long ride to Avella.  Well, actually, I am geographically challenged and I admit I had NO idea where we were going.  South of Pittsburgh, Bill told me and that’s all I knew.  We had Dee’s directions printed out and available over the visor as well as our GPS, “Chatty Kathy”, set with the street address.


It was a long ride and it was beautiful.  But the weather was not great.  We kept moving between rain and gorgeous blue skies as we went up one hill and down another.  We passed through a really quaint village called West Middletown and we knew we were close.  The town was much more like those we have seen in the eastern part of the state.  Two story brick houses with porches and balconies.  Federal style, I guess and all built close to the road. 


There was a clearing in the sky and the rain stopped; then we saw Dee and Chuck’s house on the hill ahead of us.  What a setting.  The vista had such eye appeal.  It was obvious that a lot of care and consideration was given as to where to locate this home on its lot.  Those who were interested took a quick house tour while we waited for late comers and then we got down to business…LUNCH!


Dee’s dining room is huge and held the Christs, Mark Mamros and his 2 children, Carol Hendzel, Bill and Claudette, Malick, Clark and Kathy Kemmerer, Keith Baggus, and Bill and I quite easily.  We had a nice lunch and plenty of conversation.  We talked about the past (the week end trip to Cumberland), the present (where will Chuck put his railroad at this new house) and the future (next month’s annual picnic at the Mamros’ estate). 


The rain held off as a group of people walked with Chuck outside to look for a great spot for his new railroad.  He says it will probably be a lumber or ______railroad.


There seemed to be a consensus that the railroad should be built where it was visible from someplace inside the house.  The land behind the dining room gave good access to the garage for the rolling stock and plenty of opportunities for interesting landscaping including at least one bridge.  Chuck was a little baffled why on his large level lot we picked this uneven terrain, but in the end agreed with the site selection.  If he invites us back for a work session, we will know he was serious! 


It is this reporter’s observation that we spend a lot of time in life worrying about whether what we are doing (or planning) is the “right thing to do”.  Sometimes we just have to jump in and DO something.  Dee and Chuck are at that point now.  They have got the location, they have identified a variety of choices, and now it’s time to JUMP IN!  We wish them the best of luck and also offer the support of the club, where possible.  

The weather cooperated for the rest of the afternoon.  If we hadn’t done so much site seeing along the way, we could have been home without getting wet!


Next month will be our annual picnic.  It will be Sunday, July 26 at 2:00 p.m..  The club will provide hamburgers and hot dogs; the rest of us should all bring a dish to share.  More information will be available soon.  I anticipate this well-attended event will have lots of reporters so next month you may not be hearing from me!