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Update on Greenberg train Show

Frank from the Greenberg Train show got back to me today September 1. Frank tells me there isnít any change in the November show for this year. They will still have the whole convention center in November 2010. The Greenberg lease for 2010 is for the whole convention center, but the lease for 2011 is just for the main hall. Frank tells me this will cut the space about 20% of what they had in the past, but will be about 10% more space than they had at the old convention center. Frank feels this will have no effect on the club at all. With the economy being what it is, the Greenberg has lost some of their vendors. Frank says he is happy that the PGRS will be attending the November show and helping the Greenberg be the big success as it has been in the past.


Iíve called Jackie Margri to have her fill out the paper work as she has done in the past for the show.