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Dave Bodnar

Easy MP3 Sound

I came across the DF Player a few years ago and since then I have used them exclusively when I need to add sound to a project or animation.  This link will take you to a list of videos using the DF Player on YouTube:

and this link takes you to my web pages that relate to the DF Player:

If you search out places that sell the DFPlayer you may be amazed at the cost considering the device's capability and ease of use.  You can purchase 5 units from Amazon for less than $3.00 each.  eBay and Banggood have similar or lower prices but may have longer delivery times.

Most of these projects use the DF Player along with an Arduino or other microcontroller.  While this is a super way to control which sounds come from the MP3 player many of us are not comfortable enough with programming to go that route.

This page and the accompanying video explore ways that the DF Player can be used without any microcontroller or programming.