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PGRS January 2011 MEETING

The first meeting of the Pittsburgh Garden Railway Society was held Saturday, January 29, 2011 from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm at Brentwood United Methodist Church in Brentwood, PA. Members began arriving before 4:00 pm arranging tables, chairs and supplies, laying out train track and cars in the back / side of the room. There was plenty of socializing discussing the holidays and the recent snowy weather while setting up the Chili Cook-Off beside our drinks, breads, crackers, salads, chips & dips and many delicious desserts.

 Jan Vogt, our new president, gathered us at 4:20 pm to start our meeting. Ending at 5:10 pm, in less than an hour, we had conducted our business and planning just as everyone was getting hungry and restless. It was felt we had gotten a good start on scheduling 2011ís activities. See notes from the planning and business sessions below.  In the future, any needed business meetings are anticipated to be shorter and infrequent.  Everyone is thanked for their involvement and ideas.

 Everyone then eagerly headed for the refreshment tables to sample the aromas we had been enjoying during the meeting.  We were reminded to select our 3 favorite chilis.  For voting, each person was given 3 colored squares to distribute into the bowls in front of their favorite recipes; purple was for 1st, green was for 2nd and cream was for 3rd. It was not an easy decision for many of us.  Meanwhile, some went back to enjoy running the train cars and layout club members had set up. The 50/50 tickets were sold by Al Hartman and Jim Schwarz.  The winner this month was Jim Schwarz. The club received $16 (including a donation); Jim received $10.

 22 people were in attendance: John & Sondra Wiggins, Don Rowley, Justin Rowley, Shirley & Al Hartman, John & Jan Vogt, Bert Mangold, Ann & Ed Celento, Dave & Lois Bodnar, Carol & Jim Schwarz, Keith Baggus, Anabeth & Chuck Dollins, Gene & Caryll Linck, and Elliot McLean & guest Pat Sestric.

 The WINNERS of the  CHILI COOK-OFF:  Elliot Mc Lean (bowl F) won first place, a yellow neon RR light. Lois Bodnar * (bowl D) won second place, a set of metal train wheels.  Shirley Hartman (bowl B) won third place, a human figure.  Everyone enjoyed all the refreshments and the time to interact with other club members.  Watch the web site for * recipes of many of the delicious foods we shared.

 CLUB LIBRARY: Keith Baggus brought 2 boxes of books that held the clubís train books, our library, that members can borrow.  Jan Vogt will now store our library at her business showroom.  Contact her to borrow any materials; the inventory list is on the web site.