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PGRS REWARD SYSTEMS: In addition to the 5-year recognition pins, it has been decided to institute two new reward systems starting in 2011 - attendance and participation. It is hoped that these will help get out more volunteers to work the shows where the club has a train layout, to help in hosting meetings in this new year and to increase attendance at club meetings.  It seems that many of the same members have
been coming out and doing much of the work.  It was felt that those who are able to participate should be rewarded
and that an incentive was needed to help motivate others to also volunteer more.  A drawing for the 2011 reward
prizes will be done at the December dinner.  The rewards are open to all club members who have paid that yearís dues
beginning with the January event.  The reward pots and records will be maintained by the Secretary.  The 5-year recognition pins will continue and will be awarded at the December dinner meeting.

 ATTENDANCE REWARDS: At each meeting/event, a green ticket will be put into the pot for each member in attendance.  Each month, the officers will put the memberís name and the event date on the back of the ticket based on the sign-in sheet.  This
info will also be entered in an Excel computer file.  Watch the web site for the attendance prize details.

 PARTICIPATION REWARDS: A white ticket will be put into the pot for every chance earned by each member. For every two hours, a member works at a show where the club has a layout, you will get one chance on the prize; if you work four hours, you
will get two chances and so on. The event coordinator will have an event schedule on site based on those who have signed up; afterward the coordinator will turn in the validated sign in list to the secretary.  If you host a meeting / organize an activity for 2011, you will receive one chance.  If you tow the club trailer to and/or from a show, you will receive one chance for each way.  You can have as many chances as you want depending how much time you are able to put in supporting the club. This yearís
prize is a LGB Track Cleaning Locomotive.  See a picture of it in the November 2010 newsletter