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How Alycefaye Spent Her Summer Vacation

Yes, this is how I have been spending my Summer. By this Friday I should have the hand cut slate on the roof, the tar paper on the porch roof, the decorative railings around the porch and the trim, chimneys and stairs in place. Or at least that is my goal. It needs to be in the outside G-Scale train layout for Saturday morning. I still need to do the other twin for the east wing. That will be a Fall-Winter project. The build is setting on a six foot give you an idea of its size. Maybe Iíll even get time to straighten up the has been out of hand for awhile...but work comes first. Has been a real fun project, just working from old photos of a building that no longer exists and that I never saw in person. Got the cob webs out of my stagnant mind. Glad I had this challenge to force me back into my creative mind. I thank John and Tina for having the faith in my ability to recreate this beauty and bank rolling the project. For those of you I havenít kept in the loop during the progress of this is The Queen City Hotel and B & O  R.R. Station in Cumberland, Md. Well, just took this break while some paint was back to work.
( Yes, I  now see the one section of brick that needs to be blended into the surrounding brick. Will take care of that.)
(The rod iron work is black and not white because after its initial build the iron was left to go black, just thought I should explain why it didnít look like the picture)

Thanks for letting me share my project.


The Queen City Hotel and B & O R.R. Station is on her final foundation.

The two pleased owners, John and Tina. It was a beautiful day for their party/ R.R. meeting. John is planning on adding a siding to run in front of the station. I still need to build the twin four story section that sits to the right of the main hall. A Fall- Winter project. Glad all went well. They asked me to give a talk on how I built it and the materials I used. Everyone had lots of questions. It was nice to be there and hear the complements. Artists seldom get that chance when they install a piece of their work. A great day all around. Now to get the studio cleaned while there isnít a project in there. It looks like a bomb went off.