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February 2009 Newsletter

Odds & Ends

On 01/25/09 John and Jan Vogt returned home to the snow from an eight day cruise to the Western Caribbean.  Our last stop took us to Panama where the sun was shinning and it was a toastee 89degrees.  We toured Gatun Locks of the Panama Canal .  From the observation deck we watched the rack diesels, two to four on  a side, pull the cargo ships through the locks which are  2,000 feet long and 1,000 feet wide.  As you can see by the picture there is only a foot or less clearance on either side of the ship. Unfortunately, the crews wouldn't allow me to be an engineer!!  Wonder if all those containers have model trains in them for us?  Quite an interesting experience. 



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Update on John Vogt
January 30, 2009

To all PGRS members,

John Vogt is again contending with a persistent form of melanoma that seems to come and go, although he manages to maintain an upper hand.  Wife Jan disclosed the latest news on the battle and we thought it would be nice to pass it on to the club.  As noted in the e-mail below, cards, calls, e-mails (and if you visit, John likes beer, tequila & moonshine...just kidding, John) will help whip this thing once and for all.  Like a long freight stretching out over the prairie, we're all behind you buddy!

 Hi Friends,
John was approved yesterday to receive free chemo drugs to start a third series of treatments, although we have to pay to have it administered. He starts on Tuesday/Wednesday for a 2 day treatment. Then off 28 days then back on. They said the average is 6 cycles. They will monitor his progress.
Side effects will be nausea and chance of infection. So we wait and see.
  Keep him in your prayers. Cards, emails and phone calls will help keep his spirits up. Thanks everyone!!!
                                                     Sincerely, Jan

PS   Has anybody from the club seen the picture scrapbooks that used to ride in the trailer and we used to display at shows.  We thought they might be nice to dust off and bring them back out to show some of our history!