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Dave Bodnar

  Updated Lighthouse Circuit and Software


The lighthouse circuit and software have been updated to utilize very bright, very low power LED lamp modules.

These devices contain 24 individual LEDs arranged in an array that sends light out in every direction.  They are very bright while only drawing a small fraction of the power that halogen bulbs consume. 

In order to make these modules work in a realistic way the software has been rewritten and a faster microcontroller has been used.

Features include:

  • A very bright 24 LED module

  • Because of the updated software algorithm the LEDs give a very "lighthouse like" light that had been possible only with incandescent bulbs

  • Adjustable pause between flashes (one second to one minute)

  • An optional CDs (light sensor) sensor can be added to turn the light on at dark and off at sunrise

  • An optional mode can be activated that will only leave the lighthouse operating for six hours once darkness turns it on

  • A second optional mode can be selected that keeps the bulb dimly lighted in between flashes

  • The LED modules can be ordered in bright white and warm white

  • Custom modifications to the software can be ordered.  These include longer pause durations than one minute, multiple flashes before the pause (i.e. 3 flashes close together then a 30 second pause), etc.

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