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Pittsburgh Garden Railway Society

The Greenberg Train Show at the Monroeville Convention Center on July 11 – 12 was a great success. The set up on Friday at 5:00 went smoothly. In little over three hours all was up and running .Many hands made short work of the task. Thanks again to all who volunteered their time and talents. The theme of “Streetcar Destination…A Camp in the Woods” was artfully carried off with buildings and vignettes supplied by different members. The new track layout gave the little trolley a front and center position, starting in the red staging building and running in a crossover loop to return and disappear into the building. After a few minutes it reappeared and repeated the trip to the delight of the children seated around the layout. Two tracks outlined the perimeter of the layout with trains running in converging directions.

One of the venders across from our space came over on Sunday and asked how we kept the children from not touching the trains and display items. She remarked that they were constantly reminding the children not to touch theirs. We had no idea! …you see we didn’t put the yellow caution tape onto the fence as we usually do. As such, the children could have walked into the display unencumbered, but not a single one even bothered to try. When they touched the fence stands, they backed up. We have no idea why this was the very first time that we never had to remind anyone…Not To touch The Trains.

At the end of the show on Sunday, many members were present to help take down and put away all the trains. Thanks once more members!!!

The attendance at the show was plentiful, with people asking questions and commenting on the layout. A few membership forms were handed out. A new building and three cars for our trains were gifted by members during the show….Now we need a new trailer more than ever…It is bursting at the seams.

Submitted by: Alycefaye